The Conservation of Material Culture in Tropical Climates: the 3rd APTCCARN Meeting in 2012

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We hope you can join us from Monday 23 April to Wednesday 25 April at Silpakorn University, Nakornpathom, Thailand for APTCCARN's 3rd Meeting.

'The Conservation of Material Culture in Tropical Climates' Symposium is a targeted forum for the dissemination and discussion of regionally relevant preservation solutions for Southeast Asia's vast cultural record. Co-organised by the Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation (University of Melbourne, Australia) and Silpakorn University in Thailand under the APTCCARN (Asia Pacific Twentieth Century Conservation Art Network), the program brings international experts engaged with the conservation of material culture in hot, humid climates to this event in Thailand. The program will disseminate recent findings coordinated under the larger strategic agenda of APTCCARN ( and engage a broader audience to its activities and future programs.

Over three days the 3rd APTCCARN Meeting will address regionally relevant issues relating to the conservation of material culture where the ageing of artworks in tropical climates and individual artists choice of materials are the key factors influencing the preservation of vast collections of cultural heritage in tropical Southeast Asia. The 3rd APTCCARN Meeting will be delivered at Silpakorn University's Nakorn Pathom Campus where the Faculty of Fine Arts, Materials Research Centre for Art and Design, and Silpakorn University's Arts Centre are located. The program will include formal papers based on the APTCCARN research platforms and artist- conservator panel discussions presented in a Symposium context, together with practicum visits to the Art Centre, artists studios and both artists and industrial paint manufacturers to engage participants in the issues informing material behaviour in tropical climates and their methods of production.

Included in the program will also be a formal ceremony for the APTCCARN Honours Award to acknowledge the significant contribution a professional conservator has made to the conservation of cultural heritage in Southeast Asia.

2012 Conference Themes:

  • Artists Materials and Materiality
  • Conservation Practice
  • Communicating Conservation

Subject to acceptance by referees, the oral presentations will be published in a peer reviewed conference post prints. More information is available on the Publication page.

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This Meeting is being co-organised by:

  • Associate Professor Supanee Chayabutra, Chemistry Department and Materials Research Institute of Art and Design, and Dr Klangpol Kamolchote, Director, Academic Affairs and Chemistry Department, from Silpakorn University,
  • Dr Nicole Tse, ARC Post Doctorate Research Fellow, Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation (CCMC), The University of Melbourne.

An ARC Linkage Project investigating 'The Twentieth Century in Paint' is supporting the meeting ( The program is also part of the '40th Anniversary of the Faculty of Science, Silpakorn University.'

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